Positioning the microphone on a kick drum 
*Use the microphone clamp to attach the „MZH 604“ to the rim of the drum.
*Position the microphone on the drum so that it is 3 to 5 cm above the drumhead.
*It is vital to observe the following notes:
The fundamental to overtones ratio can be adjusted by changing the angle of the microphone. The most balanced results are obtained at an angle of 30  to  60°.
Resulting sound Position A: More fundamental, little overtones
Resulting sound Position B: Less fundamental, many overtones
*Use of a second e 604 for picking up the bottom of the drumskin and the snares. (Position C).
The lower microphone must be phase-reversed to avoid phase-cancellation effects due to the second microphone being on the other side of the drumskin.
Positioning the monitor loudspeakers 
*To prevent feedback and crosstalk, postion your monitor loudspeakers in the angle area of the highest cancellation of the microphone (approx. 135°).