Connecting the microphone 
*Connect the jack plug of the microphone to the socket of the MZA 900 P.
*Tighten the coupling ring.
*Plug the XLR cable into the XLR output.
LED indication 
The MZA 900 P features a two-colour LED.
LED lights up in green:
The MZA 900 P is properly powered and there is no over-modulation (normal operation).
LED llights up in red
A flashing red LED at high sound pressure levels indicates over-modulation of the microphone or overloading of the MZA 900 P’s output.
LED in constant red
A constant red LED indicates a defective cable.
Attaching the MZA 900 P to clothing 
Using the belt clip, you can unobtrusively attach the MZA 900 P to clothing (e.g. belt, waistband).