evolution wired : SPECIFICATIONS : Cleaning and maintaining
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Cleaning and maintaining
Note the following information when cleaning and maintaining evolution wired series products.
Liquids can damage the electronics of the product!
Liquids entering the housing of the product can cause a short-circuit and damage the electronics.
*Keep all liquids away from the product.
*Do not use any solvents or cleansing agents.
*Disconnect the products from the power supply system and remove rechargeable batteries and batteries before you begin cleaning.
*Clean all products only with a soft, dry cloth.
**Note the special cleaning instructions below for the following products.
Cleaning the sound inlet basket of the microphone module
Applies to:
e 602 II
e 825-S, e 835/e 835-S, e 845/e 845-S, e 865/e 865-S,
e 902, e 935, e 945, e 965
*Unscrew the sound inlet basket.
*Remove the foam insert from the sound inlet basket.
*Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the sound inlet basket from the inside and ouside.
*If necessary, clean the foam insert with a mild detergent or replace the foam insert.
*Dry the foam insert.
*Reinsert the foam insert.
*Replace the sound inlet basket on the microphone head and screw it tight.